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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

In the past few months we have seen, heard and walked through things that some have thought they would never experience, and others have seen and walked the walk and talked the talk before.

Change is wanted, needed and strived for. The age old question is “When will change come.”

Laws, protests, legislation, prisons, jails, reforms have their place and time. Yet we fight the same battle. A battle that has to do with the condition of man’s heart. “For out of the heart flows the issues of life.” Life brings to surface what is in our heart. What is in your heart? Minds cannot be renewed until we let God change our hearts.

What are the issues of life? Webster defines issue as: an act of giving out. To come forth, to flow out. To emerge, distribute, a matter of importance.

Life defined by Webster is: Existence, the ability to respond, to grow and to exist. Jer. 17:9 tells us: The heart is deceitful.” Out of it comes evil thoughts, murder, sexual immorality, thief, false testimony, slander. Sound familiar. These derail life. They hinder or stop mans’ vary existence. The first murder came bout by what was in man’s heart. Cain’s jealousy over his brothers more acceptable offering to God led to anger, to slaying his brother Able. This led to lying to God.

Change comes when our hearts are turned to God. The Lord looks at our hearts. (I Sam 16:7) and only He can change man’s heart. Without God the heart is wicked and selfish. This is why we are told guard it. (Proverbs 4:23) This is why we need to ask God to show us the condition of our heart, if we don’t we will justify it.

Can a change come? Yes, I believe it can. When man’s heart is truly turned to God. Proverbs 51:10 says “Create in me a pure heart oh God”

You, me, we, every Child of God the Church should be asking God to change the hearts of man. Rid us of everything that is not of Him, every hidden thing. The Church needs to be on the front line of change with honesty and truth. With the love of God flowing out of our hearts to all mankind.

Father use us as vessels of love and change through the power of who you are.

Minister Deborah H .Dixon

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